Right-Hand Ring Meaning

From extravagant gemstones to diamond solitaires, the right-hand ring tradition has grown in popularity over the years. You might notice more women wearing rings on their right hands. Many times, they just like wearing rings on that hand.

But, a right hand-ring is often a symbol of love or tradition. What does the right-hand ring mean? What are the popular types of right-hand rings? Learn more about the right-hand ring tradition and popular right-hand ring styles.

What Does a Ring on the Right-Hand Mean?

It may sound simple, but right-hand rings are any rings that are worn on the right hand. You can make a real statement by wearing a significant right-hand ring. In American culture, the right-hand ring tradition has become more popular for women over the years. The tradition often represents a personal victory for women or to celebrate her independence.

History of the Right-Hand Ring

In the 1940s and 1950s, the right-hand ring surged in popularity because more women had their own careers and income. This meant they could afford to treat themselves to jewelry, including fashionable rings.

During Prohibition in the 1920s, women who drank wore rings on the right hand. Some believe this is where the word "cocktail ring" came from.

The right hand is also a great place to wear heirloom diamond rings or other antique rings that have been passed down from generation to generation. The best part about wearing rings on your right hand is that there are no real "rules" about the right-hand ring.

But there are certain types of rings that might work best on the right hand. Some cultures do have traditions about the type of ring, too. Let's explore!

Claddagh Rings

Often, the Claddagh style of ring is worn on the right hand. These rings from Irish tradition show two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. There are many variations of the Claddagh ring, including rings with diamonds or gemstones and in every type of gold.

When the Claddagh ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing inward, the person wearing the ring is in a relationship. When worn on the left hand with the heart facing outward, tradition says this means the wearer is engaged to be married.

Of course, these types of rings are very traditional and sometimes might just be an heirloom piece someone received as a gift.

Statement Rings

Right-hand rings are often diamond statement rings, cocktail rings or rings with colored gemstones. What does this mean? That the right hand is the place for fun and unique jewelry. There are endless right-hand diamond ring designs.

There are no hard and fast rules about which finger you should wear statement rings on. When it comes to bigger statement or cocktail rings, many women choose to wear the ring on the middle finger. The index finger is also a popular place to wear a statement ring.

Mother’s Rings

Mother’s rings are often worn on the right hand. There are many different styles of mother's rings. A mother’s ring can be a ring with the names of children on the ring. It can also be a ring with the birthstones of her kids set in certain designs.

Sometimes a mother will receive a ring when they have a child. A mother’s ring is just a special ring that is chosen for a mother. It doesn’t have to be a certain style or design. Many women prefer to wear a mother’s ring on the right hand.

Anniversary Rings

An anniversary ring is a way to celebrate an anniversary of some kind. Commonly, it marks a wedding milestone. An anniversary ring is usually a type of diamond ring. It is given to mark an occasion such as a 10 or 15 year wedding anniversary.

Some women choose to wear anniversary rings on the right hand. Anniversary rings can be eternity bands with rings all the way around the band. Other types of anniversary rings are bands with diamonds or gemstones. There are endless options for right-hand diamond rings.

Shop Right-Hand Rings

No matter what the reason for wearing a right-hand ring, it is something that will draw attention. It's a way to have fun with your jewelry collection!

Since most people are right-handed, wearing a ring on the right-hand means it is noticeable to more people. Many times people wear rings on several fingers on the right hand.

From statement rings to anniversary rings, there is no wrong type of ring to wear on the right hand. Interested in exploring all different styles of rings? Stop by a Zales store near you to see what ring looks best on your hand!

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