Redesign Jewelry with Old Diamonds

One of the most magical things about heirloom or inherited family pieces is their ability to bring people together across generations. But sometimes, you might want to redesign some of your old jewelry or revamp an inherited heirloom piece to better fit your style. We can help shape your ideas into reality.

These days it seems as if everyone is looking for ways to reuse or recycle their belongings into something more useful. Whether it's reupholstering antique furniture to fit into your living room, or recycling old wine bottles as kitchen decor, the upcycling trend is on the rise. But have you ever considered how to apply that to your jewelry collection?

Taking a closer look at the items in your jewelry box may inspire you to breathe new life into old pieces. Turn old jewelry into new and start wearing well-loved jewelry in an exciting new way.

Using stones of sentimental value to create a new piece of jewelry will give you a story to tell for years to come. If you're lucky, you might be able to find a new ring and have your old diamond set into it on the spot. Or you can use this as a chance to create a more custom design.

Resetting Diamonds into a New Ring

What to do with old diamond rings? Investing in a ring redesign will be like a breath of fresh air to those inherited pieces sitting in your jewelry box. There are many styles to choose from when looking at ring designs. Colorful, large stones (such as tanzanite, garnet, or citrine) work best when incorporated into elaborate, bold styles and are perfect for a night out.

Resetting old diamonds is an obvious choice if you're trying to create a sentimental wedding set. Or you may even consider a floral design or an abstract motif if you're looking for a ring that can truly make a statement.

Redesign Jewelry into a Meaningful Necklace

Consider putting old diamonds in a new setting by having a new necklace made. A necklace or pendant is another great option for upcycling old or heirloom diamonds. Start with a chain in the metal of your liking such as yellow, rose, or white gold. Then look into the different ways to display your stone. Meaningful charms like an initial, Star of David or a flower may fit your taste. Or, opt for a more modern look with a diamond surrounded by a sleek bezel setting.

Redesign Jewelry into a Bracelet Beauty

If necklaces and rings aren't your thing, consider an heirloom bracelet. Bangles inlaid with pearls or using your diamond to create a delicate solitaire adorned chain are both lovely options. If you're already a charm bracelet wearer, consider turning your stone into a charm that can commemorate anniversaries, hobbies and more.

Consider Resetting Old Diamonds in a Pin

It's true, pins are back in style! And if you're looking for a unique way to repurpose smaller stones, a pin is the way to go. The best thing about pins is their versatility. They can be classic and round or abstract like a pineapple or peace sign.

Not only are the styles versatile, but pins go with every outfit. They can be worn with sleek blazers, pinned onto button-downs, or even used to spice up a casual T-shirt. They also work well on handbags or can be used as hair accessories.

However you choose to repurpose your old stones, you're creating special new memories that will last for years to come. Turn old jewelry into new by stopping by a Zales store near you for our expert advice.

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