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Lab-Created Diamonds by Zales

Beauty and science unite to create a stunning selection of high-quality lab-created diamond jewelry at an equally attractive price. Shop all Lab-Created Diamond Jewelry

What are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Lab‑created diamonds are an exceptional mix of master craftmanship and science. In fact, they are created of the same material as natural diamonds which were formed in the earth billions of years ago. Zales' lab-created diamonds exhibit the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as natural diamonds - The core differences are the time they took to form and their origin.

The Zales’ Difference

Zales lab-created diamonds are certified colorless, with few to no inclusions visible to the naked eye. These lab-created diamonds offer a stunning, sparkling look at an affordable price point. And, like all diamonds Zales sells, they are 100% conflict-free.

Lab-Created Diamonds Vs. Natural Diamonds

At Zales, we know diamonds. We believe that diamonds are right for everyone, but everyone may have a different idea as to which diamond is right for them. At Zales, our goal is to help you determine the best diamond for your needs. Learn more about the differences between natural and lab-created diamonds and discover the right diamond option for you.

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Why Choose Lab-Created Diamonds?

All Zales lab-created diamonds are independently certified for quality and are 100% conflict free - and all lab-created diamonds are covered by Zales Lifetime Diamond Guarantee. Visit your local Zales to experience lab-created diamonds in person.

 Zales Diamond Comparison   Natural Diamond   Lab‑Created Diamond 
Is it a Diamond? Yes Yes
Primary Chemical Composition Carbon Carbon
Source The Earth A Laboratory
Age 1 - 3 billion years Several Weeks to Months
Supply/Rarity Finite and rare Potentially unlimited
Independently Certified Yes* Yes*
100% Conflict-Free Yes Yes
Likely to Maintain Long-Term Value Historically, yes Unknown at this Time
Included in the Lifetime Diamond Commitment Yes Yes
Eligible for Trade-In Yes Yes
Price Comparison $$$ $$

*Select styles and carat weights

Lab-Created Diamond FAQ

Are lab-created diamonds the same as natural diamonds?

While lab-created diamonds exhibit the identical optical, physical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds, the core difference between them is their origin and the time they took to form.

Is a lab-created diamond better?

Both lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds vary in their diamond grading. Lab-created diamonds allow you to maximize your budget, typically offering more size for the same cost, while natural diamonds are incredible works of nature and the traditional choice.

Where do lab-created diamonds come from?

Lab-created diamonds are created in a lab using advanced technology. Scientists start with a diamond seed - a small sliver of carbon crystal - then expose it to high temperatures and pressures with a carbon coating as it grows to help the diamond crystalize and grow to a larger rough diamond crystal.

Are lab-created diamonds or natural diamonds higher quality?

Neither is inherently higher quality, as both lab-created and natural diamonds are available in a range of color, cut, clarity, and carat weights.

Will I still receive my Lifetime Diamond and Color Gemstone Guarantee or Lifetime Diamond Commitment on lab-created diamond merchandise?

Yes, we provide the same warranties and service plans for both lab-created and natural diamonds.

Will I still receive an appraisal and/or a laboratory certificate?

Zales' lab-created diamonds are graded to the same standards as our natural diamonds. That means your lab-created diamond will be accompanied by an independent laboratory report detailing its "4 Cs" - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. If your diamond is mounted into jewelry, it will also be accompanied by an insurance appraisal.

Okay, so the untrained eye cannot tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds. What about the trained eye?

Because lab-created diamonds have the same optical, chemical and physical characteristics as natural diamonds, they cannot be distinguished even with a professional loupe under 10x magnification. That’s why Zales' lab-created diamonds are inscribed with “lab grown diamond” on the girdle.

Will a lab-created diamond maintain its value in the future?

A natural diamond has traditionally maintained its value. However, since lab-created diamonds are relatively new, it is unknown if they will retain their value.

The Zales’ Lab-Created
Diamond Jewelry Collection

Each piece in this collection features brilliant lab-created diamonds. All lab-created diamonds areindependently certified, designating its cut, color, clarity and carat size and may be used for insurance purposes. Zales' lab-created diamonds are also laser inscribed, indicating they are lab-created diamonds.

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