Should You Choose a Bridal Set?

If you're the type to plan ahead, a bridal set may be right for your engagement ring. Find out why these ring sets make a convenient and smart option.

What is a bridal set?

A bridal set is an engagement ring accompanied by a wedding band for a total of two rings, thus making a set. The two rings are designed to fit with each other, both from a style standpoint and a physical one.

Why many couples choose a bridal set

In the excitement leading up to a proposal, the focus is all on the engagement ring. It is easy to forget that in just a short while, you'll also need another ring - a wedding band. It may not sound like an issue, but it can be complicated if you don't give it some though ahead of time. Enter, bridal sets! Her wedding band should be seamless with her engagement ring, as they are worn on the same finger. A bridal set is designed specifically this reason. Note that it is possible to have a custom set designed. You don't just have to choose from a collection

Not choosing rings that align on style and fit can potentially be problematic. A wedding band that does not accommodate an engagement ring could damage it from the scraping and friction that occurs from the two rubbing against each other. Additionally, if the styles don't match, your bride could be very disappointed. You don't want a wedding band to detract from the engagement ring, it should only enhance the beauty.

Finally, a great reason for going with a bridal set – the potential for savings. If you choose to buy a set, the all-inclusive price will likely get you a deal, as opposed to buying rings individually.

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