Get to Know the Trio: Deciding if a Wedding Set is Right for You

When purchasing an engagement ring, you might want to think ahead about wedding bands.

Defining a Trio

A trio, sometimes called a wedding set, is three rings: an engagement ring and a wedding band for the bride, and a wedding band for the groom. In a trio, both of you are covered, as opposed to a bridal set which only has two rings for her.

The case for a trio

Trios are the whole package, literally.
From a convenience perspective, you as a couple are all set for your wedding day.

Her engagement ring and wedding band will match.
It is crucial that her two rings fit together seamlessly. The wedding band needs to rest flush with her engagement ring to prevent damage, like scratching. Stylistically, you also want the rings to complement each other. Trios account are created with all these considerations.

You can decide if you would like your wedding bands to match.
A trio assures that you can both have matching or complementary wedding bands if you choose.

You could potentially save on cost.
Buying multiple rings in one purchase means you will likely get a deal. That could mean you'll have more money for your honeymoon or wedding.

A wedding trio set is a smart and stylish way to celebrate a lifetime of love. It's everything you need to get married!

You can find a variety of gold and sterling silver trio wedding sets online at or at your local Zales store.

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