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Zales Style Studio: Eight trends topping our stylists lists.

This season, we’re forecasting a wintry mix of cool carats, modern pearls and stacks on stacks of gold. Get ready to layer up! Our stylists tell you how.

Trend 1
Artful Ear Stacks
Ear stacks go luxe in diamonds, gemstones and 10-14K gold. Mix and match studs in different shapes and sizes and throw in a crawler, cuff or classic hoop. Start with your classics or a statement pair and work your way up, layering smaller styles as you go. No need to match earrings on both ears! Get creative by incorporating styles with your initials, zodiac sign or birthstone.

Trend 2
Signet Ring Renaissance
Try a trend that’s steeped in tradition. Once worn only by nobility, modern signet rings are the ultimate power piece and the perfect canvas for self-expression. Today’s signet ring can showcase meaningful symbols and stones or be customized with initials or a monogram. Give a nod to its rich talismanic roots with celestial and astrological motifs that are very much of the moment.

Trend 3
Rings Gone Rogue
When it comes to rings, it’s not what you stack but how you stack it that matters. Bring the drama by stacking diamonds on diamonds. Pair statement styles with delicate bands—and don’t be afraid to mix your metals! Choose a focal point for each hand, complement with rings on multiple fingers and mix shapes and sizes to strike a pleasing visual balance.

Trend 4
Pearls Make a Comeback
Cultured pearls have always been a classic. But thanks to a recent resurgence, they’re front and center for the first time in decades and better than ever. Long gone are the days of a single strand. The look of the moment is all over pearls, from necklaces to earrings to rings, everywhere on everyone. It’s a full-blown aesthetic and it’s here to stay.

Trend 5
Maximalist Men's Looks
Subtle sophistication has its place, but right now men’s jewelry is all about making a statement. Our stylists can’t get enough of chunky 10-14K gold chains, diamond tennis necklaces and multidimensional layers. Think more is more to master the maximalist trend. Or start slow with a hero piece and a few simple chains you can continue to add to over time.

Trend 6
One Piece, Two Ways
Make sure your jewelry works as hard as you do with this tried-and-true stylist hack. Slip a favorite ring on to a 10-14K gold chain—Voila! It’s a pendant—and swap it out or add more based on your mood or #OOTD. By thinking outside of the box, you’ll get more wear out of your fave styles while rocking a look no one else has.

Trend 7
Diamonds for Days
Why wait for a special occasion when you can stand out every day? Whether you’re keeping it casual or dressed to the nines, break out your diamonds and dazzle All. Day. Long. Experiment with rings on both hands, layered bracelets and necklaces, stacks of earrings—and above all, be bold. The only rule for nailing this trend is: Don’t be shy. Diamonds on diamonds is always a good idea.

Trend 8
Seeing Double
Say “Yes” to on-trend engagement rings crafted with lab-created diamonds from Kleinfeld x Zales. A modern must-have, these two-stone toi et moi styles deserve a double take. Get the best of both worlds with different shapes, and assign your own unique meaning to each stone.

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